How Do IT Consultants At Yahoo Customer Service Deal With ‘Unable To Send And Receive Emails Mail Account’ Issue?

A plethora of Yahoo mail users come to Yahoo Customer Service in search of a solution to the problems like unable to send and receive emails, along with other technical problems. We perceive it’s a high time to discuss how to fix the issue because our Yahoo Phone Number is adorned by IT consultants who’s rich technical skills aid to address the Yahoo issues in the best possible manner. Not receiving and sending mail is indeed frustrating for anyone. Here are some steps to identify and fix the issue with Yahoo account. First, sign in to your Yahoo account and send yourself an email, if you get an error, then you need to check the spam folder if the email was wrongly marked. Moreover, it’s also important to check the blocked addresses to ensure that the sender is not blocked by mistake. In addition, go through email filters to check if email could have landed any other folder.


We at Yahoo Mail Phone Number for support suggest that if you didn’t find anything wrong in all these settings and still you are unable to receive the emails, then you are requested to approach Yahoo Mail Helpline for further assistance. The Yahoo email users do not receive emails in the event when the account has been hacked or your account is violated by the stranger as well. Thus, the last and best thing you can do is to ask for professional help.

Besides, losing or forgetting the secret password of Yahoo mail account is never a pleasant experience. Aside from account hacking, not accessing the account is also troublesome for the users. This is probably the most general issue reported by the Yahoo mail users. It can be difficult to figure out how to retrieve the password since you have not undergone such an issue earlier as well. It would be better to contact Yahoo Customer support for direct assistance but before you can do one thing, click on forget the password option in order to send code on your email address attached to your email account. Then, enter that code in the given box to receive the account key that helps to reset the password. Nevertheless, if you are unable to reset, dial Yahoo Customer Support number.

On the off chance that you are a Yahoo mail client and you are not getting the emails you expect, at that point it may be very baffling. You have to use beneath ventures to perceive if there’s an issue with your record or the sender’s record which is keeping the messages from landing to your Inbox

1. Check for any possible issue in your Yahoo Mail Account:

Before settling on the investigating ventures for Yahoo mail not getting messages issue, you have to check couple of things in your record. You have to check for whether there is some other blunder because of which this issue is going on.

For this, you have to sign in to your Yahoo Mail account from a PC and after that send yourself an email. On the off chance that you get a blunder while sending email then you have to settle the issue causing that mistake, or in the event that you don’t get a blunder and get the email, at that point your record is filling in not surprisingly.

2. Check your Yahoo Mail Account Settings:

  • Spam folder – Need to check your Yahoo mail spam folder. Sometimes emails were mismarked as spam, if it’s in the spam folder, select the email and click the “Not Spam” tab to move the email to Inbox.
  • Email filters – Check the filters in your yahoo mail in case the missing email could’ve arrived in another folder.
  • Blocked address – Check if the sender is in your blocked addresses list as you may have blocked it by mistake.
  • Reply-to address – Most important thing is to make sure that your reply-to address is blank.
  • Trash Folder – Check your trash folder to see if the email was deleted mistakenly
    If you didn’t find any issue or error in your yahoo mail account then surely the issue is in sender’s yahoo mail account. You can ask the sender for checking his/her yahoo email settings and if you need any help from our 24/7 third party Yahoo technical support helpline to fix the issue.

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    All my mails were going on SPAM folder, I was struggling a lot but while going through the content on blog here it really resolved by concern. I am Glad. Marlyn

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    First, sign in to your Yahoo account and send yourself an email, if you get an error, then you need to check the spam folder if the email was wrongly marked. Better you go thoroughly solution it will help you. Parker

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