If there is one of the most reliable brands that everyone chooses to use in terms of the printer, then it is HP. In course of passing years, HP has earned a great reputation by developing high-quality printers. The HP printer is known is deliver great performance without breakdown and causing any complex technical issue. But it is also a fact that you need to carefully and properly use the printer so it does not come across any technical issue. Nonetheless, at times, the users face technical issues. If you notice which is one of the most occurred technical issues in front of the users, then it is how to resolve colour printer if it is printing in the blank.


It is not surprising if you also come across with such issue but the best thing is you can easily get rid of it by putting some efforts. You have to do nothing but following a few simple steps and by doing it, you can resolve this problem in no time according to technical nerds at hp printer customer support number.

The step by step procedure to resolve colour printer if prints in black are;

  • Check the ink level in the colour or photo cartridge. …
  • Check the colour cartridge
  • Make sure that cartridge is not empty or blocked
  • Ensure you have chosen Print only black option
  • Align the paper properly
  • Finally, ensure all printer settings are right

This is one of the general solutions to resolve this problem. However, as we have mentioned earlier that there are several ways to fix this problem. As the printer often prints black, it happens due to cartridge issue. So, it is recommended you to use genuine cartridge. If there is no problem in the cartridge, then look for other possibilities. Often, printing issues occur due to the clogged printhead. You can use the automated tool to clean the Printhead. Besides, you can service your printer timely. Most probably, by following such steps you can fix the issues. On the other hand, if you are seeking online support, you can promptly approach us at hp contact number USA. This USA based online support works round the clock. The efficient support team quickly look into the matter and suggests the best possible solution so you can resume your work as soon as possible.

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