Have you recently switched to Mac computer? If so, you might be aware of that Mac computers do not come with the inbuilt printer driver. You have to download it from the official website of the HP. A printer driver is important software that serves as a medium to give the command from printer to computer. So, the printer driver should be immediately downloaded to carry out doc prints related activities. But do you know how to install hp printer driver on Mac?


Mac computers or laptops have completely different configurations. You cannot easily manage to install and run the printer driver on it. Everything is different with Mac PC. Not to worry in this regard since hp printer customer service phone number is available for you. The experts present at hp printer customer service phone number let you know the whole procedure of driver installation on Mac. Nonetheless, if you want to install HP printer driver on your own, then keep reading as we will discuss the entire procedure so you can carry out the installation process on your own.

Either you use HP printer on a personal level or you are professional whose office PC has been switched to Mac PC and you have no idea how to configure printer driver on the Mac PC, similarly, lots of people come with such sort of issue.

Following steps to install printer driver on Mac;

  • Click on Apple icon on your system
  • Choose ‘system preferences’ option
  • Next click on ‘print and scan’
  • A list will be displayed in front of you, if your printer name is there, then remove it
  • Now click on ‘minus’ sign to delete it
  • Once the printer is deleted, click on ‘plus’ sign
  • Then select ‘add printer and scanner’
  • Click the printer name and continue
  • Switch to next page, click on ‘use’ and ‘print using’ option in order to select name if your printer
  • Next click on ‘add’ to add your printer. The printer will add in the list
  • Then you have to install by printer driver by clicking on download and install
  • As the install gets completed, close the window and try to print and scan the docx

This is how you can manage to install printer driver on your Mac PC and laptop. We understand it is a little complicated but if you carefully follow the procedure you end up installing the printer driver on your system. This way, you do only master yourself in installing printer driver on Mac also can help your friends and colleagues in your office who really have no idea about it and often get perplexed because of it. When you connect Hp printer driver on Mac, you will surely be praised by your colleague who was struggling to deal with this problem. In this regard, we as online tech support service provider are also willing to help you. So the conclusion is either you follow the procedure or go with professional help you can anytime learn how to fix the problem instead of waiting for someone to help you out.

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