Many printer users are having responding error while attempting to print something. The canon printer often displays a "printer not responding" error. This is indeed very frustrating for anyone. There are many possible causes of this responding error message as per experts at Canon Printer Support Phone Number USA.


Following are the possible causes of responding error message;

  • Your PC and wireless router may have lost the connection.
  • A wrong access point is selected.
  • The printer driver is configured with the wrong port.
  • The printer is not properly connected with the network
  • The firewall of your PC is blocking the communication between the PC and printer.

Since you don't manage to find out the possible causes of printer not responding, it is next to impossible to fix the error. Therefore, follow the above steps and find out the main causes of 'printer not responding'. Then it comes to apply some troubleshooting methods to fix 'printer not responding errors'.

Here are some troubleshooting methods to fix the responding errors;

If the printer and PC have lost connection, then restart your PC and make another attempt to print something.

  • Ensure the power cable is being plugged in. Moreover, the USB cable is well-connected with printer and your computer.
  • Check if any paper stuck in the printer and carefully remove it.
  • Run the printer troubleshooter
  • Restart the Print Spooler service
  • Update your printer driver
  • Configure the correct printer port for your printer
  • Disable firewall or the existing security suite
  • Change the USB port

If none of the above-given methods have not fixed the issue for you, then we suggest you dial Canon Printer Technical Support Phone Number, where technicians having a vast knowledge regarding Canon printer are always available to address your issues including responding errors.

Many Printer users might be thinking about the authenticity of the support service. Here we would like to inform you that this toll-free number belongs to a certified technical support service provider that is successfully operating over the years. Technicians out there are handling printer no responding sorts of issues over the years, therefore, they are well-versed with Canon printer and errors being occurred with it.

We hope we obtain valuable information from this blog post. We will continue to come up with more valuable information that can help you in some way.