How to Easily Reset Brother Ink Cartridge?

Brother Printer is a celebrated brand of printer with endless users across the globe. Packed with advanced features, Brother Printer is generally installed in big organizations to carry out a lot of work because of its effectiveness and accuracy. But at times, the users face issues with it, due to its extensive and careless use. Issue with link cartridge is a generic issue that the users witness while using the printer.


To deal with this annoying issue, either you can approach the Brother Printer Customer Support Number, or you can reset the ink cartridge on your own. If you are willing to reset on your own, then below we have shared the resetting procedure.

Why reset Brother Ink cartridge?

Brother ink cartridge is an expensive component in the printer and replacing it can be a waste of money. Instead of it, resetting the cartridge is the best way to overcome ink-related problems being occurred with the printer.

Resetting the ink cartridge becomes imperative when the printer displays the empty cartridge error message, even if the cartridge still has some ink in it. Besides, you are needed to reset the cartridge when your printer is not recognizing the ink cartridge that you have installed recently in your printer.

Step by step procedure to reset the Ink cartridge

The resetting process is a little different for different models of Brother Printer. However, we are uncovering the common way to reset the Ink cartridge. Most probably, by following this procedure you will end-up resetting the ink cartridge with ease.

Method 1

  • Turn off the printer, wait for a few seconds, and once again turn on the printer.
  • Check Printer manual and open the printer cover accordingly.
  • Press ‘Cancel’ and ‘Print’ button at the same time on the brother printer. Then it comes to press + button.
  • Select the ink cartridge that you are planning to reset
  • Finally, press OK or Enter to start reset Ink cartridge process
  • That’s it.

Method 2

  • Turn on the printer and open the toner door
  • Press Clear/back Button on the printer to reach Reset Menu
  • You see printer’s toner cartridge options.
  • Scroll down the options and select the toner you wish to reset
  • Press 1 to reset the ink cartridge
  • The ink cartridge will start getting reset
  • Wait for a few minutes
  • Ink cartridge has been reset successfully

Meanwhile, to help the users technically, we have introduced Brother Printer Support Help Number. But if you follow the procedure in the right way without skipping any step, you end up resetting the ink cartridge with ease.

Why to get help at Brother Customer Service Number?

An experienced tech team stays present at this number to address the customer issues either it is about resetting or something else.