How to Easily Clean the Roller of Your Canon Printer?

Lots of debris and dust start to build on your printer’s paper tray, cartridge, and rollers. If you don’t do regular cleaning and leave the printer as it is, you will start to face the paper jam issue. Therefore, it is important to clean the rollers on a regular basis. This process is a major part of repairing the printer. But you should not start doing the cleaning randomly. There is a specific method to clean the rollers which is very important to follow so that you don’t affect the other parts of the printer as per the experts available at Canon Printer Support Help Number.


Tips and suggestions to clean the roller of the Canon Printer;

  • Turn off your printer and unplug all the wires.
  • Remove the paper tray and locate the rollers of your tray
  • The rollers are in gray and black color which is made up of rubber
  • Remove the rollers from the paper tray
  • Take a moistened cotton swab and start cleaning the rollers with soft hands
  • Wipe up the rollers with a dry cloth and wait till it does not dry up
  • Ensure the rollers have no debris and dust on it
  • Once the cleaning gets done, install the rollers in the paper tray the way you inserted it
  • Ensure the debris don’t get accumulated on the rollers in the near future

No matter if you are not comfortable in doing the cleaning by following the above tips and suggestions. To guide you live on every step, we have arranged a highly proficient tech support team at Canon Printer Technical Help Number.

By cleaning the rollers, you don’t only get rid of dust and debris gets accumulated on your rollers but meanwhile, you also check other parts of the printer and ensure the printer has no further issue. Here it is important to note down that regular cleaning is must, but often due to busyness, the people overlook the printer cleaning. Even, most of the people don’t prioritize the cleaning which leads to emerging printer issues including paper jams.

Once the paper jam issue starts to occur, there are high chances that your Canon printer causes other annoying issues as well. If you use the printer on a professional front, you can’t afford to deal with the situation. Therefore, ensure you do regular cleaning of no just rollers but other components of the printer. And for the rest of the help, you can directly approach experts at Canon Printer Customer Support Phone Number.