Usually, you turn on your HP printer and wait for a few seconds to show the printer device is online in the system. Then only you get able to print the docs. However, at times, the printers show offline even after connecting to your network. There may be a few reasons why HP Printer Offline in Windows 10. In this blog post, we will try to figure out those key reasons and strive to resolve the problem in the best possible way.



Before doing anything else, you need to make sure that the printer is well-connected to the system. The offline status is somewhere indicates that your printer might not be connected to your PC via network connection or with the help of USB cable. If it is connected properly, then check the cables that connect the printer to Ethernet port. Likewise, ensure your port is connected to your router in a right way. In case your cable is loose, broken or very old, then it can be also a reason behind it. So, if it is something like it, quickly replace the cable.


This sort of bizarre issue can also be occurred due to problem in the printer driver. If the printer is connected to your network, then it’s a time to update the printer driver. It’s up to you whether you want to update the printer manually or through automatic driver update. While updating the printer driver, ensure you update with the driver that support your Windows 10. Generally, the problem gets resolved at this point. However, if you find the same problem, then you can directly ask for a professional help at HP Printer customer support number.


If your printer spooler service is interrupted, then your printer does not print the docs. It may turn off. So, check it properly and ensure it is running properly. The method of restarting the spooler service is simple. First click on start button, then you find the search box, here you have to type services. In the meantime, you will find a list of services. Quickly roll down your eyes and search the printer spooler option with your sharp eyes. Once you manage to find it successfully, click right. You will get an option to restart it. Click it and in a few minutes, your printer spooler service will restart. The chances are your printer will start showing online on your system. Nevertheless,HP Printer support suggests you go with direct at its toll-free number in the event you do not understand how to fix the problem.

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