Hewlett Packard was the company behind the invention of HP Printer. Currently, there are more than 30 million active users in the world of HP Printer. HP Printers are reliable, stylish, advanced, and durable. The company ensures the HP printers remain advanced and this is why they make changes in its features time to time. Till now, the company has introduced dozens of models in HP Printer and they are around 12 types of HP printer you can see in the market. Sometimes, the new users find problems in getting aware of functionality of HP Printer. To sort out their issues, HP Printer Customer Support Number is also out there.


Here we have listed out top features of HP Printer;

  • High print quality
  • Made up of cutting-edge technologies
  • High-resolution printer
  • Wireless printers

On the other hand, technical issues with HP Printer frequently occur which do let the user to use the printer without any break. HP Printer is extensively used in home as well as offices. When it comes to offices, professionals can afford to face issues for longer time. Therefore, we have come up with technical issues with the solutions.

Paper Jam - you need to quickly take out the user guide or follow control panel instruction to fix the paper jam issue. Moreover, we suggest you to check the paper path and remove jam material. If there is misaligned paper, then quickly remove it, reset the try, and check once again whether the printer is running smoothly or not.

Ghosting - Ghosting is a situation where the printer delivers the low-quality prints. This issue generally occurs with the power port which provides power to the printer. So, first plug in the printer with different power source. Then it is requested you to reboot the computer.

Printer driver issue - most of the printer-related issues occur because of problem in printer driver. So, make you have updated your Window. If you have updated your window, then you also need to update your printer driver.

Printer prints too dull and spotty - check your printer driver and make sure the paper are aligned correctly. Check the cartridge and ensure it is correctly installed in the printer.

Hope this information will help you. If you want someone who can fix the printer-related issues on your behalf, then dial HP Printer Customer Support Contact Number, where technicians quickly respond and fix the issues on your behalf.