The printer is an important peripheral device being used on personal as well as professional front to a big extent. And when it comes to the preferred printer brand, it is HP. HP is one of the oldest brands in terms of manufacturing electronic products. Even in terms of the printer, HP has successfully created its user base.

Professionals across the world prefer to install an HP printer in their offices. But despite being a reliable brand, the users face technical issues with HP which vigorously affect the routine office work. Staying in working condition of HP printer is important when it comes to its use on professional front. No one can afford to lose crucial business hours just because the printer is not working properly. So, in this blog post, we let know the top issues and their solutions. But if you want immediate help, then dial HP Printer Technical Support Number.

Paper Jams- this issue occurs with all brands and models of the printer. It may occur because of the use of wrong paper type selected, loose paper roller, torn paper bits, etc. First, you need to open the printer and figure out the causes to quickly fix it. Select the right paper type and remove the torn paper. Most probably, you will easily manage to fix the issue. If paper jam issue does not resolve, then ask for professional help at HP Printer Customer Care Number.

The window is sending a command to the wrong printer- it may happen when you select the default printer. First, make sure you have selected a right printer and click set as Default Printer. Then restart your printer and test whether Window is giving the command to the right printer or not.

The printer delivers too light and spotty prints- when the cartridge is dried and clogged up, the printer starts delivering too light and spotty prints. Take a little wet cloth and rub it against the printer head. Meanwhile, don't forget to rub the nozzle underside. Then put the ink cartridge back in the print and test whether it is giving printouts or not.

Besides such issues, a plethora of issues occurs with HP printer which you can share at HP Printer Customer Service Number for an instant solution by experts.

Printer not responding! Dial Printer Customer Support Number

It’s frustrating to witness Printer not responding errors while attempting to print the document on an urgent basis. To quickly get rid of the errors, HP Printer Customer Support Number must be dialed to your phone number.

It is the most affordable and convenient way to fix the error without going anywhere. To practically learn how to fix the errors on own before choosing the online support to ask for help, we have shared some quick hacks below. So, let’s start with the importance of the Printer device on the work front.

Importance of Printer

Printer is one of the useful peripheral devices being used in organizations. Either it is a big organization or an individual, it is being extensively used. When it comes to the most preferred brands in terms of printer, it is a HP printer because of its efficiency and accuracy. But often, it stops responding and brings the users into trouble.

Organizations can’t afford to have malfunctions printers for a longer period. This situation hampers daily activities on a big extent. There are many reasons why the printer shows no responding errors. Generally, no responding errors occur whenever you attempt to print the document as per experts at HP Printer Customer Support Contact Number.

Below the possible reasons why Printer shows Printer not responding errors;

  • Wrong connectivity
  • Issues with Printer drivers
  • Print spoolers
  • Computability issues with the Windows
  • Printer is not configured rightly

Some hacks to resolve Printer not responding errors is given below;

  • When it comes to resolving the no responding errors, then the first step should be checking out all the connections. We simply mean make sure all the wires and cables are connected tightly with your Printer and PC. To assure the cable are connected well, unplug and plug back in all the cables once again.
  • Every operating system has an in-built printer troubleshooter. What you have to do is to just run the troubleshooter. This helps to diagnose all errors with the printer. You will have to follow the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the process.
  • Printer spooler is about managing all the print tasks. Any error with it causes Printer no responding issue. You simply have to restart the Printer Spooler. Most probably, not responding errors will get resolved.
  • Simply by updating the printer driver, the printer not responding errors get fixed at times. Often, due to the older and corrupt printer driver, such errors occur. So, it is important to update and install the printer driver of the same brand.
  • Select the right Printer device on the PC- often it has been noticed that the professionals send the print command on the wrong printer device.

Unfortunately, if these hacks do not work out for you, then dialing HP Printer Technical Support Phone Number remains the best alternative. Here are the best technicians who are capable enough to quickly understand and fix the issue on the same phone call.


It does not matter where are you using your HP Printer at home or in your office; you only have to dial our HP Printer customer support number through your mobile phone. In a few seconds, your call gets connected to our HP Prnter tech expert’s who let you know the solution of your printer issue. As we discussed above, the accessibility is round the clock. The agents at HP Printer customer care support number makes itself available for you all the time.